Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Three of the Top Holiday Festivals in Spain

Aside for the major and picturesque attractions in Spain another reason why tourists flock to this spectacular part of the world every year is because of the fantastic holiday festivals which happen here throughout the year and in all parts of the country. They are filled with merriment and all sorts of street entertainment from dusk till dawn. These holiday festivals are considered by tourists to be a sure-fire family entertainment as everyone enjoys what each festival has to offer.

Hogueras de San Juan

Hogueras de San Juan or the Festival of San Juan is celebrated all over the city of Spain and witnessed by thousands of tourists who are looking for pure entertainment. This festival happens during the summer where many people head to the stunning beaches of Spain and party until the break of dawn. Alicante is the host of the famous Hogueras de San Juan. In this fantastic city, Hogueras de San Juan, which is also known as Bonfires of Saint John, is celebrated every 20th to 29th of June. The celebration involves burning of effigies at midnight, after which a colorful fireworks display follows.

Elx Mystery Play Festival

The Elx Mystery Play is another festival celebrated by locals and tourists alike. This celebration takes place in the city of Elche. This is one of the oldest cultural events celebrated every month of August. The festival includes the play itself and the play has two parts. The first part takes place on the 14th of August and the second part on the 15th. The Mystery Play is performed in one of the historical sites in Elche, the Church of Saint Mary or Basilica of Santa Maria. The scenes from the play can be seen in stained glass windows that can be found inside the church.

Seville Tapas Festival

Seville Tapas Fair is for foodies and tapa lovers. This joyous festival is celebrated every month of February and participated by more than 50 restaurants and bars. Each of these establishments has their own tapa specialty, which is presented to both tourists and locals. The area of Spain that has the most succulent tapa is Andalucia. If you want to have your own fill of this delightful dish, you should come and visit Spain during the month of February.

The country of Spain never runs out of events and festivities all throughout the year. These holiday festivals make Spain and absolutely spectacular country which attracts more and more tourists each year. If you are spending your holiday with your family don't miss out on witnessing these joyous festivals so you to can take part in Spain's beautiful fiestas and festivities.

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