Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to choose the best quality sleeping bags

As positively ridiculous as the Lippi Selk Wearable Sleeping Bag/Suit looks, I have to admit it’s actually a pretty damn good idea. And judging by the fact that half their products are completely sold out, a good many other outdoor enthusiasts agree.

Are you planning to trip or trek? If the answer is yes then comfortable sleeping bags are a necessity. These bags are an essential part of caravan accessories. There are many times when we need a comfortable bed to sleep in when we are trekking or hiking. It is not always possible to carry beds with us while we are traveling. In these cases these bags can best suit our needs.

These bags can be easily carried for trips. You can get these bags in the market under various brand names. These bags are available in three different styles like tapered, rectangular and mummy style. The rectangular bag has single or double designs. The latter can accommodate two people at a time. The mummy style can cover the whole body from all sides. The mummy style can also be called a cocoon style bag. In the tapered style of bag, it is wider on the top and gets narrower as it comes down. That is why it is called the tapered style.

While selecting among the various kinds of bags the most important thing to consider is the type of filling of the bag. Down sleeping bags are one of the best ones as they are made up of natural down feathers and give natural warmth. You can also get cotton, polyester and other types of materials used for filling sleeping bags. In cold places, down bags are your best bet. These kinds of bags are very light and portable. These down bags are available in mummy style with a zip. The zippers permit us to open the bag as much as needed. Their base is very soft and comfortable. You can get additional pads in the market if you want more comfort. This ensures good sleep and a happy journey. A sound sleep will keep you active for the next day's schedule.

The temperature rating facility of the bag should not be ignored. Different kinds of models are used to suit different climatic conditions. If it is a cold place then you will have to pay a little extra in order to get warm sleeping bags and if you are staying in a hot country then summer weight bags will serve your needs.
The prices of down bags are more than other bags as they contain natural down feathers, and these bags ensure you a home like feeling.

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